This Week's Recap and Top Posts

The first week of The Modern Businessman was a great success and I have you to thank for that. There were over 40 posts the first week and I sincerely appreciate everyone visiting the website, reading the posts, sharing, tweeting, and commenting. It really means a lot to me and I hope you found something interesting and of value this week. If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out. If you’re just visiting the blog or the first time, or haven’t read my Welcome To The Blog post yet, I recommend starting there. Below is a recap of the top posts by views this week. A * next to a post means it was one of my personal favorites.

In order, this week’s top posts were:

  1. The Feds Won’t Taper: The Pundits Got It Wrong, Justin Wolfers Got it Right, and I got lucky. (This post was way out in front because the noted economist Justin Wolfers retweeted it, causing the blog to explode with traffic).
  2. The Weekend Hangover: 20 Links I wanted to post, but didn’t have time to during the week. (Let me know which links were your favorite in the comments section.)
  3. How to Spend Your Breaks at Work to Restore Cognitive Resources:*
  4. Paying Doctors For Performance Leads To Better Care
  5. How to survive a shooting at your office: Run. Hide. Fight.
  6. Mass Shootings By The Numbers
  7. Say Goodbye to the MBTI, The Bad Fad That Won’t Die*
  8. Why Fans Of Bad Teams Are More Likely to Be Obese*
  9. Some interesting data from*
  10. The 9 habits of people building a successful future*

Other Featured Posts:

These news articles were picked up and shared by and

A sneak peak ahead to next week: The week will feature a three part series on Innovation using Apple as a case study. A guest author who is brilliant, funny, and industrious wrote the featured post and I’ll be shocked if his piece isn’t the most read and enjoyed post on the blog to date. I laughed and learned a lot reading it. Be sure to check it out.  The first installment is being released tomorrow.