The Weekend Hangover

The Weekend Hangover: All the articles I wanted to post this week but didn’t have time for:

How to remove a fishhook from your finger: This would have been helpful about 15 years ago. I was fishing with my dad and some close family friends in Maine. I think I got bored with fishing and was walking around exploring when I accidently got in the  way of my father’s back cast as he was fly fishing. When he finally casted he said, “I think I lost my fly.” To which I casually replied, “Dad, it’s in my arm.” Rather than pushing it through the skin in my shoulder and cutting off the barb as my uncle mark suggested and is illustrated in the picture here, I had to go to the hospital to get a tetanus shot and get the thing removed.

Speaking of fly-fishing, my dad, and uncle mark…

Here is a beautiful story on fly-fishing by ESPN’s Outside the Lines called Unity with the Universe. Can a fly rod really hold the secret of life? In the central Montana Mountains, a paralyzed man and his wife are proving the answer just might be yes. The photos and videos are breathtaking and worth a look just by themselves. Thank you to my Dad for passing this one along.

The Top 10 Famous Psychological Experiments That Could Never Happen Today: The videos of the experiments are awesome. You’ve probably heard of many of these experiments, but I bet you’ll come across one or two that are new to you. Also, for any psychology instructors, these are good teaching tools.

Neuroscience may help explain financial bubbles: Bubbles may be driven by the biological impulse to predict human behavior.

Beating the stock market has become nearly impossible:

Cracking the social media habits of Millennials: Everything you thought about them is probably wrong.

Joyriding with Ayn Rand: If you realize that she carries a good idea beyond its logical extreme, her books are great. The fact that there is an institute set up to teach the principles of her books is a little bit excessive though.

Insomnia’s Effects on the Brain Aren’t as Bad as They Seem: It just feels like your brain is much and nonfunctional, but insomniacs typically perform comparably well to people with normal sleep patterns on cognitive tests.

The 10 Best Restaurants in Northeast Ohio: I’ve been to some of these and can attest to their deserving to be on the list.

Help! My survey rate is too high!: This sounds like blasphemy, but CEB makes the case.

In Vermont, Stave Puzzles creates to confound: If you haven’t visited Vermont yet, you need to.

What do Flies and Neo have in common? Time passes more slowly for them both: It is quite the evolutionary advantage for them. It’s how they usually get away from you when you go to swat them. When I was in 6th grade, my teacher taught us how to catch flies like the karate kit. The secret is to wait until they land, and then clap your hands together 6-8 inches directly above it. The fly will take off when you move and will fly right between your hands. Try it sometime, you’ll impress your friends.

Pushed to the limit as a banking intern: Last month a 21 year old intern was literally worked to death at a Bank of America branch in London. Here is an interview with another banking intern about his experience. 

25 Guys to Avoid on Wall Street: An extremely funny post, worth glancing over the list.

The 10 Keys to Building Great Teams: Kind of an intuitive post, but just go with it. 

40% of U.S. food is thrown away: Of all the terrible stats I read about each day, this is one of the worst. With all the children going to bed hungry at night or those dying of starvation, this is terrible.

Is a cure for Type 1 Diabetes right around the corner?: I certainly hope so. It’s time to put a Dia-beat-down on Diabetes.

Ivy league schools keep grinding out top minds to the financial world, but the jobs there aren’t what they used to be.

While we’re on the subject… At elite universities, Student Entrepreneurship is all the rage.

Some experts believe Video is the future of recruitment, but I’m not so sure.

Unfortunately this only put a small dent in my reading list. I hope you were able to enjoy a couple of these articles. Good luck with your hangover.