Welcome to the blog...

The book on my shelf that I hold with the most reverence is John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost. I love the audacity of the opening. Milton unabashedly boasts that he’s going to pursue, “Things unattempted yet in prose or rhyme” to, “justify the ways of God to men”.

The purpose of this site is not to justify the ways of God to men, government to the people, professors to students, or parents to their children. Rather its purpose is to bring awareness to topics I have the audacity to believe are of interest or importance to you. Will McAvoy from HBO’s The Newsroom is on a mission to civilize; I am on a mission to educate.

Much like Will McAvoy I believe an informed populace breeds creativity, fosters, innovation, and stimulates a healthy discord. I pride myself on being a moderate, fear irrationality and believe there is no man more irrational than he who cannot see both sides of an argument. In business, war, or science, the man who can only see from his own own point of view, has already lost.

With this in mind, I will strive to represent both sides of arguments and sometimes post articles with perspectives that I stridently disagree with. I am less concerned with what you think about this content, and more concerned that you simply think about it.

For me, the writing process helps clarify my own thoughts. I may not fully understand a concept or even know my own opinion until I have written about it. I hope writing this blog will help to keep me sharp.

I read thousands of words of research and news each day and stay up on current events. When I do not feel qualified to offer insight on a topic, I will ask for other’s thoughts. If you feel my thoughts are off base or that I have misrepresented something, I encourage you to tell me. Historically, I’ve tweeted most of the articles I believe are worth sharing. Now, I plan to blog or link to some of what I read here in an effort to distill this large volume of information down into a manageable and meaningful format.

The Internet is a powerful place with the solution to an infinite number of questions. I encourage you to read something thought provoking on it everyday. I will endeavor to provide articles that will help you meet that goal and commentary that facilitates understanding.