LinkedIn denies accusations it "hacks" users email accounts:

LinkedIn denies accusations it “hacks” users email accounts:

Last week a class action lawsuit was filed against LinkedIn for allegedly breaking into the email accounts of its members. LinkedIn responds by asserting its innocence and clearing up “misinformation”. LinkedIn clarifies that they do not access their users email accounts without permission, nor do they send messages or invitations to join LinkedIn on your behalf without your permission. As a LinkedIn member, you are given the option to share your email contacts, which sometimes leads to mass emails inviting them to join the social network. This inadvertently happened to me on gmail once. I have a hard time believing this lawsuit has much merit to it, but perhaps that is because I enjoy LinkedIn and the service they provide so much. I believe LinkedIn is of great value to all professionals, and doing something as foolish as “hacking” users’ accounts in the wake of all the recent online privacy concerns would be the height of stupidity. I encourage you to continue to utilize your LinkedIn account and connect with me here.