Why Fans of Bad Teams Are More Likely To Be Obese:

When teams lose, their fans eat fattier foods: Maybe this is why the Patriots’ fans are so good looking. Since the Patriots have only lost an average of 3.8 games/season since 2001 we don’t experience the drain of cognitive resources a loss causes and indulge in less healthy foods, like say a fan of the Cleveland browns, who average 10.3 losses/season in that same time span may. A team’s losses have also been linked to alcohol related crimes, domestic violence, and heart attacks for their fans. Victories seem to have the opposite effect on fans, boosting egos and enhancing the ability to delay gratification and resist temptation. I know that when the Patriots lose, I fall into a dark depression where I can’t watch ESPN or tolerate Jets fans. The emotional distress and lack of cognitive resources brought on by a loss make me irritable and less able to moderate my behavior. I may be an extreme case, but for the sake of Ohio, let’s hope this is the year the Browns figure it out.