The Forbes 400 Richest People in the US: 10 Facts and Figures I Found Interesting

The Forbes 400 Richest People in the United States: 10 Facts and Figures I found most interesting

1.       Bill Gates once again tops the list with $72 Billion.

2.       Warren Buffet grew his wealth by over $12 Billion last year.

3.       The average net worth of someone on the list is $5 Billion.

4.       Christy Walton, of Walmart is America’s richest woman with $34.5B

5.       T.Boone Pickens dropped off the list, but made up for it with this epic tweet.

6.       Mark Zuckerberg doubled his net worth last year on the back of the recent Facebook stock rally to land at number 6 with $19 Billion.

7.       The least wealthy person on the list is Nicholas Woodman. He only has good looks, youth and $1.3 Billion. That poor guy.

8.       The women on the list have a combined $156.6 illion.

9.       Elon Musk of Tesla, Solar City, Space X, and Hyper Loop fame came in at #61 with $6.1 Billion. I expect he’ll continue to rise quickly.

10.   The combined wealth of the list is $2.02 trillion dollars or the entire GDP of Russia.