Microsoft Offers $200 Gift Cards for Used iPads:

Microsoft Offers $200 Gift Cards for Used IPads:  In an effort to have their Surface Tablet gain market share, Microsoft will literally pay you to switch to their product. The intreiguing promotion runs from September 5th to October 27th and is limited to one iPad per person. While they will give you a minimum of $200 for your iPad, the Surface tablet starts at $349 and ranges to $799. I have a few questions: 1. if the Surface is so good, why are you paying me to switch? And more importantly, 2. What are they going to do with all the used iPads? I doubt they are going to ship them to a third world country like 2007, and 2011 Patriots Super Bowl gear. iPads have a very high resale value, so I can't believe that Microsoft is just going to have them destroyed, but they don't want them in circulation either. I feeling like Microsoft making a massive donation of iPads to a school somewhere would garner strange publicity they don't want. If you have an idea on what they might do with a huge supply of iPads leave it in the comments below.