The Issue with Apple TV

The Issue With Apple TV

Today Apple is expected to release its latest iPad. It is also expected that an overhaul of Apple TV will be announced. Before Steve Jobs died, he told his biographer of his intention to create an integrated television set, and that he had finally cracked it. It has been two years, and this has been an unfulfilled promise. One argument is that Apple TV just has a branding problem. I think that Apple’s best asset is its brand, so I’m more likely to attribute a product’s lack of success to lack of innovation than brand. But, it is an interesting argument to check out. For my belief on why Apple TV is failing, check out the three part series on innovation featuring Apple. Part 1The Role of Innovation in Organizations, Part 2 The Curious Case of Apple's Stagnation, Part 3 Why Despite Strong Numbers, Apple is in Trouble

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Today Apple is expected to release its latest iPad.

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