New iPads likely featured in tomorrow's Apple event:

New iPads likely to be featured in tomorrow’s Apple event:

Tomorrow, Apple is expected to put a bow on its line-up of devices for the holiday shopping season by announcing the latest iPads. A remolded standard size iPad with a 10-inch display screen and the iPad Mini with a nearly 8 inch screen are likely to be featured along with a revamped iPad. It has been nearly a year since Apple came out with a new iPad so the timing seems right for something “new”, leading to what would be the 5th generation of the tablet computer.

The new iPad is expected to be thinner and lighter than its predecessors and look more like the iPad mini with slimmer sides and tight curves on its back. It is also expected to have the high definition “Retina Display”, run IOS7, and have the same biometric fingerprint scanner featured on the new iPhones. Prices are expected to start at $499 ($329 for iPad mini). It would be great for Apple to shock the world with something truly new, but that doesn't seem like something they are capable of anymore. 

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