New Counterfeit Proof $100 Bill Released Today

New $100 Bill Released Today

One thing the shutdown won’t stop is the release of a new $100 bill today. The new bill has an army of new high-tech features designed to defend against counterfeiting. The Federal Reserve has not been affected by the shutdown will be making deliveries to banks across the country today in armored trucks filled with the new notes.

Over a decade of innovation has gone into the development of these bills, and production problems have delayed their release by about two and a half years.

The bill will still depict Benjamin Franklin and Independence Hall on the back. If you look closely, there is a disappearing Liberty Bell in an ink well and a bright blue 3D security ribbon with moving images on it. But shhhhh, don’t tell the counterfeiters.

There is currently $900B worth of $100 bills in circulation that will be gradually phased out. The average lifespan of a $100 bill is about 15 years, compared to that of a $1 bill, which is about 6 years.  

Yes, we are releasing a new $100 bill today, but not tracking the spread of influenza.