How the shutdown is affecting Americans

What does a dead eagle in a New York woman’s freezer have to do with the shutdown?

Wendi Pencille tends to injured birds in her upstate New York home. When a bald eagle dies, she ships the federally protected remains to a special eagle repository in Denver that then delivers feathers and carcasses to Native American tribes for their sacred ceremonies. The federal bird shippers (yes, there are such things) are furloughed, so the dead bird is chilling in her freezer.

The EPA is partially shutdown, so toxic waste is left to fester until it becomes threatening to human life. Only when it has the potential to kill someone, is the EPA allowed to do their job.

The Labor Department’s monthly jobs report was due out last Friday, but has been delayed indefinitely leading traders and economists to seek other sources for measures of economic growth.

It’s officially flu season, but we don’t know anything about the spread of the virus yet since the CDC has been forced to take a vacation. Things like salmonella, E. coli, listeria, shigella, campylobacter, and other things with terrifying names are all running around unchecked. Oh, the FDA is also largely furloughed too, creating quite a dangerous combination. Sushi anyone?

A private jet crashed at a Santa Monica Airport, killing four recently. It’s grizzly and charred remains are being preserved so the National Transportation Safety Board Investigators can take a look at it when they are allowed to return to work. I’m sure this cold crime scene will be very revealing.

These are just some examples of how the shutdown is affecting people around the country. If it hasn’t directly affected you yet, maybe you should think twice before heading out for your weekly sushi date…