The Weekend Hangover

The Weekend Hangover: Some interesting articles for you to catch up on.

The Five Types of Friends Every Man Needs:

1.     The Mentor – The one to offer wisdom or constructive criticism. 

2.     The Wingman – For a single guy, this guy is probably the most important on this list.

3.     The Handyman – You break it, he fixes it. You can also borrow his truck.

4.     The Fitness Buff – He’s the one to help get and keep you in shape.

5.     The Convivial Colleague – One of the best predictors of satisfaction at work is if you have a good friend there. You pend more than 40 hours a week there, having a friend there helps.

How a Suit Should Fit – Because this is simple information you need to know.

From the APA, when to use “that” and when to use “which” – Use that to introduce a clause that is essential to the meaning of the sentence. Use which to introduce a clause that merely adds more information to the sentence.

Why Young People Were Hit Harder by the Recession: Simple answer is the higher proportion of mortgage debt held by younger people who haven’t had time to pay it down yet.

A Great Employment Law Podcast on Social Media in the Workplace

The 10 Best Workout Songs of the Decade:

Six Ways to Stop Excessive Sweating: Some are a little bizarre and extreme

Titles of Laws as Propaganda: Given the poll that came out this week showing 46% of Americans oppose Obamacare, but only 37% oppose the affordable care act this is a very relevant post from a while back.  Unfortunately that poll shows I need to say this; Obamacare and The Affordable Care Act are the same thing.

Goal of Craft Beer: Be less filling; taste great. Sounds like a domestic light beer slogan.

I think this record may be broken in the next couple months so I want to remind you that Congress Set a Record For Being Hated in July

Tom Brady is a pretty good actor, especially in Funny or Die videos: Although, this one wasn’t his best. His best friend just makes things very awkward.

Putting Mirrors in Grocery Stores Leads People to Buy More Produce: Making people look at themselves primes their physical appearance and wellbeing and leads them to make healthier choices while grocery shopping.

Your Boss Spies on You and Is Not Going to Stop

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: 70 years in the workplace

The World Cup (Soccer not Quidditch) is a risk factor for domestic violence

The Benefits of False Memories:

20% of User Reviews on Yelp Are Fake