Hertz To Add the Tesla Model S to Rental Fleet

Hertz To Upgrade Rental Fleet With Tesla Model S:

There’s a new car in the luxury rental aisle. Hertz is adding the Tesla Model S sport sedan to their high end rental fleets in Los Angeles and San Francisco. The Model S will sit along side Ferraris and Lamborginis in the luxury section. Hertz is the world’s largest general use airport car rental brand and it is bolstering its name by adding the most popular name in the automotive world to its lot. The available cars will have a 265 mile range on one charge. The all electric, zero emissions car can go from 0-60 in 4.2 seconds is the world’s first premium sedan built from the ground up as an electric vehicle. The Model S was named Motor Trend’s 2013 Car of the Year and received Consumer Reports highest score ever given to any car to go along with its NHTSA 5 star safety rating. Long story short, I want this car and you should too. Anyone game for a trip to SoCal?