Say goodbye to the password! New technology is making them irrelevant:

Say Goodbye to the Password: Cool new technology is making passwords irrelevant:

Passwords are effective when they are long, complicated, changed frequently, and most importantly, remembered. To combat these challenges, fingerprint readers, facial recognition, and voice recognition technologies are moving to replace them, but another strategy is being employed at Google. Google has recently given out token like USB drives containing encrypted security access to their employees. They plug them into their computer and access is granted. Looking into the future, some researchers have developed ways to identify patterns of an individual’s brain waves during certain tasks, which could be used as security access. Personally, I think the best idea to replace a password come from my friend Thai Nguyen who said that a Smart Watch (which I believe has little other use) may eventually grant access to all things in your life. Like a magic wand, the Smart Watch could open your garage door when you arrive home, unlock and start your car when you’re close, or allow you to access your computer by just sitting down in front of it.