The Weekend Hangover

It certainly was an interesting week, so this weekend’s hangover is more intense than usual. Coffee will only make your hangover worse, so get something to eat, pound some water, and browse these links because it’s Your Weekend Hangover.

We’ve all heard of obscene lawsuits. Some of my favorites include the one about the burglar who got hurt breaking into someone’s house, sued the victim of the break in, and won. I also liked the on where the guy thought cruise control automatically drove the Winnebago and walked away from the wheel. When the thing crashed, he sued the company and won. Then there was the guy who burned his tongue on coffee at McDonalds and sued them for having hot coffee. This week, I found one that tops them all. A man recently successfully sued his wife for giving birth to ugly children. That has to make dinner conversation awkward…

Website SuggarDaddyForMe.Com suggests what the ideal woman is for Forbes’ Richest Men. Shocker: She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and is extremely good looking. The three most important personality traits are pretty much synonyms: Honesty, Loyalty, and Faithfulness. These guys have this measuring the obvious thing down to a science.

Apparently, most blockbuster-hit movies are a result of nothing more than luck. They say Harry Potter just found a four leaf clover to which I counter: Emma Watson.

College job seeks give themselves an A+ for job readiness, but hiring managers disagree.

If the Red Sox can go from worst to first, nearly anything can be turned around. These are the five steps to make it happen.

Since I’ve been recovering from a knee injury, I’ve spent a lot of time on the bars. (Yes, in bars too, but I’m talking about pull up bars here.) Doing activities like pull ups, toes to bar, dips, and trying my ass of to get a muscle up tore up my hands pretty badly with a couple particularly bad ripped callus over the last few weeks. Here are some hand care tips to prevent the dreaded callus tear.

As a direct follow up to that post, callus tears and workouts can be brutally painful, but new research shows that if you keep telling yourself, “this workout feels good” then it will feel good and you'll perform better. Positive self talk (which oftentimes amounts to self deceit) is very effective.

It is becoming more apparent that we need to save society from itself. The latest example is the movement of the FDA to ban trans fats to go along with the soda ban in NYC.

In 1980, the success rate of a 50+ yard field goal in the NFL was 28.4%. In 2013, the success rate is 66%, which is greater than the likelihood of making any field goal in 1980. The numbers have changed, so why hasn’t the strategy? Teams are only kicking an average of 4.6 50+ yard field goals a season compared to 3 in 1980, despite doubling the odds. What gives?

Nearly 1 in 10 Americans gets their news from Twitter and other fun stats about the social network.

After the Patriots lost the Super Bowl in 2008, the number of circulatory heart-related deaths in Massachusetts increased 20% over the next eight days. I thought my life was ending and was going to die of a broken heart too, but apparently there is something more serious going on since this is pervasive throughout sports. The biology of a sports fan.

Sex, Murder, and the Meaning of Life: When does sex appeal equal political power? Catchy headline… Screw Nate Silver and 538, I’d be a damn good election prognosticator using only one data point. The better looking candidate is probably going to win. (I actually am a huge fan of Nate Silver and 538, you should follow him on twitter here.)

There are three types of romantic partners: Givers, Takers, and Matchers. Givers want to make others happy and please their partner. Matchers tend to keep a balance sheet in a relationship and when they give, they expect to get something in return. Takers treat people well only when it helps them reach their goals. Three guesses to which are the most satisfied in relationships and which are the most desired partners. I have a hypothesis about which category I fall into, but if any ex girlfriends are reading, feel free to jump in.

The 5 worst things you can do with your money according to the Motley Fool

The function of kissing in romantic relationships is complicated. Kissing helps people assess potential mates and maintain relationships, but it doesn’t play a large part in sexual arousal.

If you’ve ever worked in corporate America, the hardest part of your job may be getting people to respond to you, especially via email. Here are three tips to help you write emails that people will read and respond to.

The benefits of good teachers last long beyond primary school. I know a lot of teachers that have young classrooms. You make a world of difference to these kids and it lasts quite a while.

Research shows loneliness is as strong a predictor of early death as alcoholism or smoking 15 cigarettes a day, and it was a stronger predictor than obesity or a sedentary lifestyle.

Research shows that very attractive people

  • Are more likely to be chosen as mates;
  • Are viewed, as children, to be more honest, intelligent, and pleasant—and also assumed to have greater leadership potential
  • Are presumed, as adults, to have desirable social traits—such as strength, on the one hand, and sensitivity, on the other (and talk about the “halo effect!”)
  • Are judged, as politicians, professors, counselors, etc. to be more competent
  • Receive preferential treatment in hiring decisions;
  • Earn higher salaries; and
  • Receive milder punishments for transgressions.

Given all those benefits, it begs the questions… is there something unethical about beauty?

Oh, this is what the face of a CEO looks like. They always seem to be reasonably good looking dudes…

Research shows corporate executives are wildly overconfident... Well, Duh?!

A writer challenged hackers to investigate him and he was expectedly terrified by what they found. I’m nervous just thinking about the possibility of this ever happening to me.

Since the movie “Limitless” came out, I’ve known exactly what I want my superpower to be. As a kid I could never answer it, but now I know I want it to be unparalleled intelligence and total recall. In essence, I want to learn how to learn faster.  

What business leaders can learn from top sports stars.