Your (Delayed) Weekend Hangover

Have you ever had a night of aggressive drinking (say you mixed whiskey and wine one night in college) and inexplicably woke up the next morning feeling fine only to have the mother of all hangovers hit you at 4:00pm the next day? That’s essentially what today’s weekend hangover is. It may be late, but it packs even more of a punch than usual. Here is your (delayed) Weekend Hangover:

As if JC Penney didn’t have enough problems, (to illustrate: their stock price is down to $8.87 from a high of $43 last year) they lost a full percentage point of profit margin to shop lifting. The company is already facing bankruptcy, has been replaced by Allegion in the S&P 500, and lost $400M in Q3. JC Penny made the decision to remove sensor security tags as part of a transition to a new inventory tracking system and then for some reason they decided to stop requiring receipts with returned merchandise. This decision worked out about as well as the one to end promotions. People started grabbing merchandise off the rack and “returning” it without ever leaving the store. Management of this company is comical and almost criminally bad. The company is bleeding money so fast that they may have to offer more stock in Q4 to avoid bankruptcy.

75% of people regularly tell lies to get out of a tough situation. 50% of people lie about the reason they were late on a daily basis. If someone says, “the traffic was bad” or “my alarm didn’t go off” they are likely not telling the truth. If you want to tell a convincing lie (I fell like I’m publishing the formula for creating smallpox here) you must make it personal, express contrition, and believe your own lie. (I considered making up an excuse for why this post wasn’t up at 8am, but I then I read this article.)

Marissa Mayer hasn’t yet turned the flash to cash for Yahoo. Stockholders on the other hand have experienced a 130% increase since she took over.  

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is back in the spotlight. This time because he is under a federal investigation into his finances. He probably should have swapped “tan” for “tax” in his signature acronym GTL.

How the financial crisis changed Wall Street in one chart.

Why you should be dating a CrossFit Girl: A lot of good logic in that post… 

Because we’re on the subject… The 5 types of women you should NOT be dating. More good logic in here, those 5 types of women definitely do not do CrossFit.

Video: How To Deep Fry A Turkey. There is only a slight chance of catastrophic injury and setting your house on fire.

Five classic holiday cocktails to warm your spirit. Hot Buttered Rum is exactly how I imagine Butterbeer would taste. I can’t wait to try all of these.

The FCC is considering allowing passengers to make phone calls on planes, but for the love of God, please don’t. If you are considering making a phone call on an airplane, don’t and instead read this post on How to Fly Like a Gentlemen.  

It was a long week for me too and that’s not always a bad thing, but sometimes it is, How To Know When It’s Time To Quit Your Job.

The Spotlight Effect: Research shows that when you publically make a fool of yourself by tripping, spilling something, or getting something stuck in your teeth, few people notice and even fewer care. 

Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! Massive 747 mistakenly lands at a tiny Kansas Airport that doesn’t have a long enough runway for the plane to take off again.

It’s not surprising that the test circling the internet indicating whether an individual is right brained or left brained is bullshit. Most of those tests are (hint: never trust a psychological assessment that is available for free on the internet) and anything that has Dr. Phil’s name attached it should be treated with the same reverence as cow manure. Anyway, new research shows there is not such thing as “Right-Brained” or “Left-Brained”.

The feeling of annoyance, just like pain, is unpleasant but that is because it’s supposed to be! Annoyance is an evolutionary mechanism that indicates when you don’t like, and should therefore avoid, something. Annoyance is a precursor to anger and lets you know that if something doesn’t change you’re about to get angry. The body doesn’t like it when it’s angry.  Here are 5 message the feeling of annoyance could be trying to send you.

If you “like” a charity on Facebook, you’re less likely to donate money to it. Researchers suggest the effect is a result of giving public endorsement satisfies the desire to look good to others, reducing the urgency to give financial support. I would argue that “liking” is cognitively equated to giving, so people feel they have already contributed and have met their “giving” obligation without even brining the social aspect into it.

People who are not accustomed to holding power are more likely to be vengeful when placed in charge. People that are experienced with authority were more tolerant of wrongdoing.

This made me laugh. The Unofficial Goldman Sachs Gift Guide: When money and pomposity are not an issue, there is a whole world of unnecessary opulence at your disposal.

Incase you haven’t seen this yet… A Wal-Mart in Canton, Ohio held a food drive… for its employees. Keep in mind Wal-Mart is the largest company and grocery seller in the world.

37% of adults with college educated parents received financial assistance from them with an average gift of $6,500.