The Weekend Hangover: 20 Links To Help You Get Through Saturday Morning

At one time or another, I had great ambitions to do full blog posts inspired by each of these articles. Unfortunately there is only so much time in the day, so now you get to enjoy them while you try to mitigate your hangover. Hint: eschew the coffee, drink a ton of water, take a b12 vitamin, eat something, and go back to sleep (after you’ve read through these articles).

Malcom Gladwell did an interview and it turns out he and I share a favorite author in Michael Lewis. He also said, I am everything I once despised.

The Data on Teen Dating – Fathers, now you have data to show why your daughter shouldn’t date until she’s 30. You’re welcome.

Mapping the Dishonesty of the World – Don’t lose your wallet in Spain or Portugal.

Why Small Businesses Should Offer 401k Plans – It is more than just to attract and retain employees.

Reuters really doesn’t like JPMorgan or CNBC – Awkward…

The Three Tribes of Social Shopping – Are you a Thruster, Thinker, or Leaper?

Going through a break up? It goes better if you’re nice to yourself.

The one key to ace any college class: be proactive

General Motors is going to take on Tesla Motors in the luxury electric car market – I don’t see this fight going well for GM, even if Tesla cars keep blowing up.

Six Myths About Renewable Energy... I won’t spoil the surprise for you. 

Google has conquered just about everything else, so now it’s taking on death. Seriously.

We didn’t learn enough from the financial crisis. That is a fact. We’re I the same situation all over again.

The New York Times also argues that we wasted a recession.

Organizations should be like ant colonies. The reason is not that both should be centered around a queen with thousands of workers doing her every bidding.

Motivating employees is a tricky task for leaders. There is a definite right and wrong way to do it. Here is some advice for doing it the right way.

How to use your social media accounts to impress potential employers – If anyone reading this post is hiring I/O Psychologists… Call me!

The Ten Things That Happen When You Start CrossFit – This is a post from my favorite financial blogger The Reformed Broker. This will probably be a larger blog post at some point.

How to have an awesome work career – is that redundant or is it just me?

Why happiness at work is declining – I just thought it was because my honeymoon period was over.

Have a great weekend!