The Top Six Performing Beer Companies

The top six performing beer companies:

Beer is drank around the world and there are over 2,000 brewing companies, yet there are less than 20 publically traded companies that specialize in beer. 2013 looks to be a soft year for brewers as people are consuming more wine, liquor, and craft beer, but some companies are still showing strong growth. Seeking Alpha used FiRM analysis to determine the top six in terms of Finances, Resources, and Market.  Their results show:

  1. Tsingtao Brewery Co – China’s second largest brewery
  2. Grupo Modelo – Controlls 63% of the Mexican beer market with brands like Modelo, and Pacifico
  3. Anheuser-Busch InBev – Often thought to be American, the company is headquartered in Belgium and among its 200 brands are Budweiser, Stella, Beck’s and Spaten.
  4. Heineken NV – Dutch brewer founded in 1873.
  5. Comp. Cervecerias Unidas – Has agreements with many of the brewers above and distributes in Chile, Argentine, Cayman Islands, and Lichetenstein.
  6. Boston Beer – This company was founded in 1984 in Boston and its beer is sold to consumers under the name Samuel Adams.

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