Your Weekend Hangover

Fewer links this week, but with more commentary. 

How to immunize yourself from rejection before a date: By mentally reviewing your best qualities (e.g. I’m a good listener, I’m funny, I’m sexy, I play a mean jazz flute) a few times before a date you will have higher self-esteem, more emotional resilience, and less sensitivity to rejection. But if you really want to play it safe, stay at home and get a cat.

Taking another look at if in fact, dogs are people too. If it walks like a dog, barks like a dog, and looks like a dog, it must be a person.

Five Things Successful People Do Before 8am: I do 4ish of these things before 8am. I’ve never really gotten into visualization. Henry Ford once said, “Vision without execution is just hallucination.”

Love hurts, physically:  Looking at images of a former girlfriend or boyfriend that broke up with you caused activation in the same areas of the brain physical pain does. Next time you’re going through a break up, take an aspirin. I’ll help both your heart disease and heartache.

Six Reasons to Hire an Athlete: 1. Drive and resilience. 2. Goal orientation. 3. Learning Orientation. 4. Entrepreneurship. 5. Good balance. 6. Teamwork.

Study: Females lose self-confidence throughout college:. I haven’t read the study itself so I can’t attest to the methods or conclusions. It looks as if it replicated research with the same results published in the 1980s though.

Please Twitter, Just Stay Weird: How the IPO may change the social network.

How and Why to Track Your Sleep: The 7 keys to good sleep hygiene include: 1.  A consistent bedtime and wake time.  2. Keeping your bedroom dark and cool. 3. Avoiding alcohol, tobacco, heavy meals and exercise within three hours of bedtime. 4. Avoiding caffeine after 2:00pm. 5. Avoid naps after 2:00pm. 6. Turn off turn off electronics (unless you’re using it to track your sleep). 7. Your bed should ONLY be for sleep and doing the no pants dance. If you’re not involved in one of those activities, get out of bed.

15 Rules for Good Relationships: My favorites include making an effort to initiate sex more, making rules about technology, avoiding criticism, and following through on everything you say you’ll do.

The New Face of Risky Drinking Is Female: Female college student are more likely to binge drink than males, women with a university degree are almost twice as likely to drink on a daily basis as those without, and 16% of college students said they have restricted their caloric intake to reserve the calories for drinking.