Aaron's Story

I'm an Industrial and Organizational Psychology doctoral candidate at the University of Akron and all around HR Guru for The Parker Hannifin Corporation in Cleveland, Ohio. I work with organizations to improve things like selection, compensation, and performance evaluation practices. As an I/O Psychologist, I may also be responsible for organization design and strategy, employee engagement and work/life balance, or training and leadership development. While at one point as an undergraduate at Western New England University in Springfield, Massachusetts I thought I wanted to be a counselor, that is not any part of what I do. I often refer to myself as a Management Consultant to avoid that confusion. I grew up in Vermont and enjoy traveling, fitness, competition, craft beer, most wine, and the occasional country concert.

About The Blog: 

This blog is about current events in Markets, Psychology, Economics, Finance, Business, Leadership, Sports, Law, and whatever else I find, or think that you may find interesting. 

You can expect posts with links to relevant articles with my interpretations and analysis, anecdotes from my personal life, musings from my professional life, and general thoughts on whatever I'm currently reading. 

This blog endeavors to provide a running commentary with insights into current events that seem to be impactful and relevant. I will try to present both sides of an argument, even if I only agree with one. I'll do my best to direct you towards interesting content around the Internet, provide witty candor, and offer you a unique perspective on life, business, and news.  

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